Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm Tired Of Being Everyone's Soap Bitch.

I'm going to write something in this post that may at last lift the veil of semi-anonymity that has covered this blog for the last three years. It may also frighten any of you that shop at corpo-pharmacies:

When the soap is empty in the store's bathroom, I replace it.

There you go. If you work or have ever been in a drugstore, and there was soap in the bathroom, you now know exactly who I am. Because I SWEAR TO GOD I seem to be the only person on the planet capable of putting soap in the bathroom of a pharmacy. This now covers 16 years, three different pharmacy chains, and two states. Tonight however, I have seen the empty suds bottle one too many times. I'm calling a soap strike.

This time I put the soap next to the sink in the pharmacy. There's plenty for me. There's none in the bathroom. It'll be an interesting experiment to see how long it stays that way.

Just don't interrupt me when you see me come up from the back of the store and head to the pharmacy sink. That really wouldn't be in your best interest.


Anonymous said...

I worked in a fast food restaurant as a kid and did not clean a dried globule of ketchup I found on the floor beneat a table for the same reason.

...it stayed there for 4 months.

Anonymous said...

And I thought I was alone in thinking RPH must mean Restroom Paper Hanger....since no one else in the store seems to have mastered the technology involved in replacing the tp or papertowels.

LD50 Rat said...

Gag! Don't people wash their hands after using the restroom? Personal favorite is when there is NO toilet paper, paper towels or soap. I know this restroom is used by the employees at the 3 letter pharmacy in my area. What do they do? Just groom themselves with their tongue like a cat afterwards?

Drug Monkey, I do appreciate soap in the bathroom.....Rat

Anonymous said...

Your humility is encouraging. The new generations seem to think actually doing their job is beneath them, while the older generations remember that no one is irreplaceable and no job is too small. I salute you!

RehabNurse said...


You go above and beyond, because the last time I checked, they didn't make pharmacists take a bed making class (or TP roller troubleshooting) like they do for nurses.

You get a gold star from me, buddy. Heck, I'm an RN and I get ice and water all the time. It's not in my job description, but I gotta do it for the patients.

Sometimes, I think I need a tray, though...with a couple of margaritas just for me!

Pharmacy Chick said...

I'd name a child after the person who would provide warm water in our bathroom! We get nothing but ice water 24-7-365. Try giving the hands a quality wash in ice water. I'm numb afterwards

Anonymous said...

Yeah..imagine all the people who don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom and are effectively walking around with feces on their hands. They then touch money, which you come in to contact with. So we are all effectively coming into contact with each other's crap. No wonder there's so much illness.

RainDrop said...

Hmmm... I'll have to keep my eyes open for the pharmacist-with-the-hotness-factor refilling the soap next time I visit the corpo-pharm!

Anonymous said...

Zactly so. Shudder. I prefer to think positively...that all those other people must be carrying their own little tidy wipes or alcohol with them. I remember one of the first jobs I had in high school was working at a union job (drycleaning plant), and I was the first one who ever cleaned the restroom as far as I could tell. All those people working at that job ironing linens for airline crews, and hotels. I think no one must have ever used restroom at plant after a time from several years before! It was one of the first of rather traumatic facts of life coming from a home where cleanliness was next to Godliness... and there was never a shortage of bleach!

Anonymous said...


Don't bother getting more soap, just do the standard Walgreens procedure and just pour some more water in the soft soap pump bottle so they can squeeze out every last drop of diluted watery soap and keep those store expenses down.

anon., CPhT said...

Hehe, this reminds me, albeit not fondly, of the time I bought a Method Aroma Pill plug-in fragrance thingy for our otherwise sewage-scented bathroom.

When the fragrance part of the "capsule" ran out, some douchebag threw out the entire unit.

This was to be my final generous act towards my retarded coworkers.

asian friend said...

peaches :)