Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Local Corpro-Grocer Feels Your Pain In These Tough Economic Times

"My God Mabel, if we buy 42 cans of these Mixed Vegetables, it'll be like getting a free stamp!"

"You're right Clarence! Then we could finally write to Aunt Gertrude and ask for help with our impeding home foreclosure!!!"

"I can truly see why they call these offers Smart Savers®!! Happy days are here again!!"

Mabel and Clarence later died of carrot poisoning after eating their entire grocery bill savings in one sitting. 


Elizabeth said...

I just saw this, and it made me think of you. (You'd probably like the whole site, in fact.)

Anonymous said...

lol! and I thought the dollar off a glucometer ($79.99 to a SUPER LOW$78.99) was bad!

Anonymous said...

I saw a price rollback at Walmart today. It said $6.97 was_______. It was left blank because if yu checked the shelf tag--it hadn't really been rollbacked! Shoulda took a picture!

V2squared said...

I wonder how much the total cost was for the advert, person to place said advert, someone to insure that the check out rang up the correct price? I also wonder how much of a bonus and what type of golden parachute the brain child gets that came up with the $0.01 sale?

Katie Schwartz said...

Oh, the shame.

Canned vegetables creeps me out to no end. Why buy canned when you can buy fresh for the same price?