Monday, February 04, 2008

Lloyd DuPlantis Of Gray, Louisiana May Finally Have Some Competition For The Title Of World's Most Evil Pharmacist

Through the magic of the internet, we go to Boston, a town deeply affected for some reason because a group of large men not from there lost a playfight over an air filled leather sack yesterday:

BOSTON—Prosecutors say they cannot press rape charges against a pharmacist who allegedly posed as a gynecologist and examined two women because of a half-century old state law that says an assault can't be considered rape if consent is obtained through fraud or deceit.

Police charged pharmacist Nicholas Creanza with rape after he allegedly lured the women into the back room of his Springfield pharmacy and gave them exams. Because the women consented to the exams, even though they were being deceived, by law it could not be considered rape, Hampden County prosecutors said in dropping the charges.

Creanza was arrested in 2005 after two women told police he assaulted them at the Louis & Clark pharmacy in Springfield.

From the Louis & Clark website:

Louis & Clark has actively anticipated and responded to the health care needs of the people of our region for nearly forty years, bringing it to its current status as the region’s premier independent pharmacy and health care solutions provider, with eight vibrant locations and an unmatched array of services.

I can't argue with them there. Fake gynecological exams by creepy pervs who aren't doctors would definitely be a health care solution unmatched by any pharmacy in the country. I hope.

Louis & Clark also has a button at the top of their website that reads "Get in Touch." I was afraid to click on it.

Thanks to the alert reader who sent me the story.


Pharmer Mike said...

Ok... Two things....

One. This guy needs to be neutered.

Two. Am I the only one wondering about the intelligence of two women who fell for the "let's go in the back room so I can peek up your va-jay-jay" line?! WTF is wrong with people?! Not to trivialize what he did, but Jesus! How dumb can these women be?! I'd say at least SOME of the blame here is on them! They're too stupid to raise children!

Let's just hope he doesn't start giving prostate exams... And putting a hand on each shoulder!!

Blaze LaFlame said...

*wow* Reminds me of the time I went to a doctor my older sister recommended. I had a terrible cough & I figured some sort of sinus infection. He wanted to give me a gyn exam. I said "I'm not congested there". What a weirdo!
He "retired" before they could take his license asay for the old "drugs for sex" trade. I never went to him again.

Pharmer Mike said...

..." I'm not congested there"... Classic! LMAO @ Blaze.

Anonymous said...


"Am I the only one wondering about the intelligence of two women who fell for the "let's go in the back room so I can peek up your va-jay-jay" line?! "

Stupid maybe, but possibly desperate and with limited options also. Lots of pregnant women are poor, have no health insurance, and don't know how to access social programs meant to help them. They're desperate and willing to let anyone help them if the price is right.

Pharmer Mike said...

well, I see your point but I don't necessarily agree with it. If you're an adult, it's your responsibility to manage your own life... Especially if you're going to be in charge of a child... If you don't think you can handle it, they make condoms.... To me, the excuse of "they didn't know any better" is overused... When people keep making excuses for others and cleaning up others messes, they only fuel the fires. If you don't believe me, just look at how many spoiled-brat, twenty-something patients need their mothers to clear up their affairs at the pharmacy ( or anywhere else).

Erin said...

Embarrassingly enough, I've actually talked to this man before. I worked in a Springfield pharmacy before I got into pharmacy school, and did some transfers from his store (which is in a pretty terrifying area). I've been keeping up on the news of him since he's from my area, and it had been my understanding that even if he got off, the MA BoP was planning on revoking his license permanently.

Yet that article said he was planning on going back to, this worries me...what are our boards of pharmacy for other than to protect the profession? Even from lunatics within it?

Bariatric Brat said...

I went to the Louis & Clark web site and wrote the president, asking how I could book an appointment.

I wonder if I'll receive a reply?

min@southernXposer said...
a little light reading for you

Anonymous said...

"If you're an adult, it's your responsibility to manage your own life... Especially if you're going to be in charge of a child... If you don't think you can handle it, they make condoms...."

I do want to smack some people on the head, and go, "what the hell were you thinking? no way you should have a kid!" I wish we could throw condoms BCP's at everyone and make them use them until they really are ready to have a child. Unfortunately, even with perfect use, some of those women will still get pregnant. Heck, there's even a 1% failure rate on my tubal ligation! Aside from a full hysterectomy, there's no way to guarantee that I don't get pregnant.

("Abstinence" doesn't guarantee not getting pregnant either because you can still get pregnant without intercourse, use your imagination...)

Fred CPhT said...

holy crap he has one slick lawyer.

Ren said...

From the Alberta College of Pharmacists regulations.....

"The Pharmacists Profession Regulation to the Health Professions Act granted authority to pharmacists to undertake the following restricted activities:"

Most are the usual dispense/counsel/blahblahblah ... but it also includes:

"insert or remove instruments, devices or fingers beyond the anal verge and beyond the labia majora"

So yeah...sounds like this guy was totally in line.

Or maybe I should just be more weirded out by my provinces idea of what we should be up to.

The Ole' Apothecary said...

Pharmacists can service diaphragms in Alberta? Guess they've passed a procedural barrier there.

May I place a bet that the women involved in the Louis and Clark Pharmacy incident were indeed poor, desperate, and, I'll add, not in the U.S. very long? AFAIK, the pharmacist scope of practice in American states has not extended past giving immunizations. Now, in my Dad's time (1930s), pharmacists were the people to go to for removal of cinders or specks from one's eye (don't ask me how this privilege came about), but a vaginal exam did not even receive lip service.

Anonymous said...

You mean we're not supposed to give ob exams in back??