Wednesday, December 22, 2010

From The "Support Our Troops" File.

Which I don't. That's right. If you're a troop the only time I will support you is if you decide to find another line of work. You are necessary for the continuation of a policy I despise, and if you would stop doing what you are doing, that policy would end. So, yeah, I'm a little unclear as to why I should be cheering you on.

I would like to think though, that if I ever ended up at one of your funerals, I would have enough respect for the sanctity of life, even yours, that I wouldn't be...

...checking my cellphone behind your grieving widow. I'd also put on a tie and probably wear a suit. I'd definitely come up with something better than a t-shirt. Because unlike this douchebag, and unlike the people who hired you to kill for the empire, I realize that every life lived, by default, is worthy of a minimum level of respect.

Looks like you might need to relay that message to some of your supporters.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Monkey,

Maybe it's my eyes, but the phone douche bag seems to have a tie. Setting aside rotten taste, who would wear a tie the exact same color as the shirt? Wait, wait is phone boy wearing a "cop" outfit? Yes that is it.

Though I agree with your politics, I do have sympathy for those left behind. And I will not, not, compare you to the Rev. Fred Phelps.

Dr. John

Crystal said...

We called a patient to ask a question about a script that had been called in, and he answered the phone simply to tell us that he was at a funeral and couldn't talk.

He was at his brother's funeral, and was answering his phone.

Seriously, it's ok to just let it go to voicemail sometimes.

The crew of Lucidity said...

Right on. I like George Carlin's suggestion for the troops: "Just don't go."

Anonymous said...

I had to go back and read the comments about not supporting the troops because I was sure I misread it the first time. I didn't. What an ignorant ass comment. The troops don't make policy they follow orders. So how you can not support people who dedicate their lives to serving our country is unbelievable. You don't like the policy then don't support those who make it. It's a dangerous world out there and it's not always pretty but stupid fucks like you don't deserve the freedom and protection American troops provide. Why don't you move to another country. I'm sure you don't have the balls. I found this site and was going to buy your book but you make me ill.

DrugMonkey, Master of Pharmacy said...

Anonymous 11:08,

In that entirely predictable flow of warm piss that was the word stream you sent me, the least surprising part was that you had to re-read what you didn't understand. Do your lips move as well when you come to the big words? I'm betting they do. You should let me write your next hate mail for you. I could do it so much better.

I'm also confident that everything you wrote, word per word, has been said by that cell-phone checker at one time or another. That was the point of this post. Because all you "freedom loving" hacks sure seem to think alike, pretty much word for word. What your type means when they scream "freedom," is freedom to be just like you. You did yourself a favor. You wouldn't have understood the book.

Is that your phone? You should probably check that.

rxcounter said...

You really could have left out the editorial and made an objectively good point. Instead, you had to bring your political views into it - misdirected, uninformed, ridiculous, and downright offensive political views. I'm really surprised to find such tripe from someone with a good education and a working knowledge of the world. Soldier is an objectively honorable profession on a par with cop, fireman, doctor, pharmacist, etc.

Your issue is with the government, not the soldiers. They are ordered to do a job, whether they like it or agree with it is not taken into account - "not going" as you suggest is considered desertion and is an offense punishable by court-martial and imprisonment. Dishonorably discharged soldiers have a status similar to convicted felons in many states. "Not going" is not an option.

I'm the son of a 23-year Army veteran. I've spent my entire life around the military. Not all soldiers are good or honorable, but some of the best people I've ever met were soldiers, and regardless, every single one is still deserving of respect. I think you'd be surprised at how many feel like you do but are professional enough to keep their opinions where they belong.

I can live with a difference of opinion, ignorance can even be corrected, but I cannot let slide ignorance wrapped in the guise of moral superiority. No matter what you feel politically, soldiers are worthy of support in life as in death. Your final argument is logically ridiculous and suggests respect should be accorded the lives of serial killers, terrorists, and Hitler as well as those more honorably lived.

As an aside, I'd also expect better from you than attacking someone's literacy, views, and education because they had the courage to call you out on your bullshit instead of addressing what they actually said. Anon 11:08 is right, you don't deserve the sacrifices our soldiers have made for you. You don't want to support them, fine, nobody's making you, but kindly take your entitled opinion and SHOVE IT.

Anonymous said...

Well, Mr. D Monkey...I don't know anything about you but if I had to speculate I would guess that other than a harrowing contact with some doper you have lived a "pretty protected" existence. (I use "you" globally to include almost all young male North American pharmacists). It's a very nasty world out there...who do you suppose keeps it at bay? Who keeps an eye on the ever scheming bad boyz infesting the earth? A herd of male Pharm. D's?
For you to use a photo of an actual GI funeral is inexcusable. You strike me as the joker type but not everything is a joke.
L. Garrou

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I disagree with your comments. I love the blog and am not writing in anger. While cheering them on is not necessary and often used to indirectly increase support of military objectives, why the misdirected anger? The vast majority of military personnel I have known choose the career because of the pay cheque. They are essentially policy implementers for better or for worse. I am in fact Canadian and so perhaps my opinion regarding your war doesn't matter, (although we are almost equally unhappy with our war in Afghanistan) but I think albeit unfortunate, military is a necessary part of a democratic society and is a public good. Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I think that the anger is directed toward the widow-makers and the children left without their fathers, and the government made up of privileged presidents that don't have to serve because their fathers get them a job in the National Guard, not necessarily the actual job of the soldier. My parents served honorably in the military during the Korean War.

On one hand, it does seem as if was a lot like a government-sponsored program similar to glorified girl and boy scouts. Yes, they learned how to shoot well, and prepare for combat, but in some ways it was an interim between high school and decision-making for what to do with their G.I. Bill.

My brother honorably served in the Marines, enlisting right out of high school, but was a broken man when he returned home. My other brother trained with the Army and received ROTC assistance, but opted to serve his community and country and return the ROTC funds. My sister was an Army nurse and served while paying for her training, as well as worked in the Public Health Service.

Military action in a show of bravado is not something that a president should be able write a memoir years after many lives are lost all based on sketchy information.

Athena said...

Wow. Strong reactions. I have opinions that are of a liberal bent; I detest the war, but not necessarily the soldiers... And I have been just as vehemently vilified. It's a double edge thing in that the military has always been a hard sell to young men and women who might otherwise not see college in their future, or much of anything in their future. It's vicious. Recruiters are asses who prey on high school kids.

As the step-parent of a marine, I see it both ways. He is getting screwed and has been brainwashed not to complain, and it's all very frustrating. I see elder veterans waving their flags, oblivious to the fact that they are being used to promote evil policy. Swift-boaters? Nice. Some band of brothers.

The big irony here is there is no dearth of "patriotic" people spouting their opinions, no matter who they offend on any number of issues. I see no reason why you should be condemned for being equally blunt in yours.

I actually made this video compilation several years ago as a way to protest the horror of this war, hoping seeing the less publicized view would make a difference. I'm naive that way. Sigh.  I like this link that someone mirrored because there are no comments. I got some crazy ones, and some sad ones. Some people got it, though.

What a waste of lives, US and Mid-East.  (i won't be offended if you delete my comment. I'm not promoting anything but common sense.)

bmmartin99 said...

"You really could have left out the editorial and made an objectively good point. Instead, you had to bring your political views into it..." - rx counter
I'm wondering if you have ever read this blog rxcounter?

blonde pharmacist said...

tshirts don't have collars the last time I checked. I can't figure you out man. you seem so damn angry.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree about the troops. They should find another occupation. The US is in perpetual war. If it not Somalia then Bosnia, if not Bosnia then Iraq,if not Iraq it is Afghanistan, and if not Afghanistan then Libya. These wars would not exist if people did not join the army. If there was a draft, then they should refuse to fight.