Thursday, November 04, 2010

A Civil Rights Issue I Can Totally Get Behind, Or More In Front Of I Guess.

The struggle for equality is never easy my friends. You must remember always that the forces of the status quo are powerful. They do not give up their privilege easily. They will fight you every step of the way, and the first time you challenge them you will most certainly be crushed.

Still, you must fight. You must get off the mat and fight. That is my message to the good people of Pittsfield, Massachusetts:

Voters in a western Massachusetts city have decided not to lose their shirts over at least one ballot question. Pittsfield voters soundly rejected on Tuesday a measure pushing for women to be allowed to walk around town topless.
The nonbinding question, which was only on the ballot in Pittsfield's 3rd Berkshire District, urged that district's state representative to introduce legislation amending the state's nudity definition.
Under the proposal, females of any age would be allowed be unclothed from the waist up in public anywhere males are allowed to be similarly undressed.

To the Pittsfilder's who struggle for justice, I can only say:

I am with you in this fight. Godspeed to you my friends.


Anonymous said...

I am sometimes the Pharmacist at one of the major retails in Pittsfield, MA. Puts a whole new meaning to the saying "no shirt, no shoes, no service" now doesn't it? Now if only I could have been topless under my lab coat... hmmmm.

was1 said...

In my imaginary pharmacy on the beach (Ideal Drugs) I have a sign... "If your bikini is half off, so is your copay".

Anonymous said...

I have done floater work in Pittsfield (for an anonymous chain that rhymes with "Rite Aid"). If Anon @ 2:02pm is who I THINK she is, I support the "topless under the labcoat" proposal. However, the rest of the population should stay as covered as possible, up to and including parkas in July.

ATTN: was1: Please consider this my application for Ideal Drugs. I will work 90 hrs a week @ minimum wage. And no dental.

The Ole' Apothecary said...

My opposition to the proposal has nothing to do with modesty, and everything to do with adiposity.

The only naked lipids I want to see on display every day are in a TPN.

Delerium Tremens said...

We had this issue up in Ontario about 15 years ago - a construction worker from Guelph named Gwen Jacobs decided to take her shirt off one sweaty day. Cue the media firestorm. Thing is, people here supported the change in the nudity statutes and now anyone is allowed to go topless in public.

That said, there's nary a hooter in sight in summer around here (and certainly not in winter). So don't get too excited if the good people of Pittsfield change their minds.

Tonina said...

I have to agree with the voters of Pittsfield on this one. Sadly, when people (of either gender) are permitted to walk around topless, it's never the ones you WANT to see who take advantage of the opportunity. Instead, the takers are usually 50-something obese rednecks with six teeth and tattoos stretched in a way never intended by a benign providence.

Keri said...

The point is that is should be the same for men and women. Either ban it for both, or allow it for both. There is NO REASON men should have rights (even "trivial" rights) that are denied to women.

Stavros69 said...

I still have a hard time believing how many macho men were upset over Janet Jackson's breasts at the Super Bowl

pillroller said...

If it had been Pamela Lee then no man alive would have protested, they would have been blinded by science!