Thursday, August 30, 2007

An Actual Conversation Amongst An Actual Pharmacy Staff.....

The customer, T, has just walked away from the counter after requesting a prescription refill. A rare moment of calm descends over the happy pill room, allowing the staff to speak freely, it may be a good thing this does not happen often:

Drugmonkey: Was she showing a little too much cleavage?

Keystone Tech: What?

DM: T, she was just at the counter, she has a habit of showing off the goods you know.

KT: Actually, she was.

DM: I knew it.

KT: Did you see she shot you a look?

DM: WHAT????

It should be noted here that T is hot.....smokin' hot.

DM: A good look or a bad look?

KT: I couldn't tell.

DM: WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU COULDN'T TELL????'m screwed. A bad look means she's totally noticed I've been lookin' at what she's showin'

It should also be noted that Drugmonkey is old enough to have conscious memories of the year T was born.

"Other" tech: I saw it. I think it was a good look.

This confirms I'm screwed. If the "other" tech thought it was a good look, chances are very good it was a bad look.

KT: She is pretty, but I don't like her eye shadow.

DM: I've never noticed her eyes.

KT: Oh for Christ sakes. It has to have been a bad look now.


KT: What are you doing looking at her cleavage anyway?

DM: For the same reason I would look at a steak if you waved it in front of me at dinner time. We're talking billions of years of evolutionary programming here.

KT: It was a bad look.

DM: I think your opinion has been altered by what you think of my post look comments.

"Other" Tech: It was a good look.

DM: Crap.

So, a smokin' hot young babe either thinks I'm eye candy or a disgusting old pervert. This day I may have officially entered middle age. My only hope lies in the judgment of the "other" tech.

Sigh.....where's the scotch........


MrHunnybun said...

Getting caught "checking out the goods" is very bad luck. But, surely if you go the the pharmacy with your nipples practically showing, then make a big deal about bending over to sign your prescription, it's what you'd expect to happen? I always figure I am boosting their ego by looking and they are providing me with a valuable service too. Everybody gains, no one loses.

A hot customer/patient certainly makes the day go faster. Until they give me a prescription for Metronidazole 2g and Podophyllin cream_then I lose interest!

Anonymous said...

I put my vote in for "disgusting old pervert" as I happen to think you are just that... and tell you so quite frequently.

greensunflowerRN said...

As a woman with a insiders knowlege... she thought you were a pervert.

Not to say someone wouldnt check you out, but in this case, I am pretty sure she was thinking, "who is this joker in the white coat checking out my rack... oh wait maybe I should throw the dirty man a look, he probably makes pretty good money."

CrrlyGrrl said...

Perhaps it's a "daddy" fixation. It happens, ya know.

Natalie said...

a new patient told me today that she was allergic to 'pertussis.'
weep with me...

Anonymous said...

My bet is that two things were going through her head as she dressed with the intention of stopping by the pharmacy....

1) The more cleavage I show..the more likely I am to get my vicodin refill early

2) How much money do these guys make a year??

Romius T. said...

fantastic. I am happy to hear you are a pervert!

asian friend said...

:) hahahaha

One time, in high school, I was standing on the stairs with a friend of mine, and he was interrogating me because he thought I leaked information about the ROTC promotions (um I really didn't care about the ROTC, btw). Anyway, I was standing on the step above him, with his head at chest level.. or my chest at eye level. The entire time he was scolding me, he looked straight ahead.

So what do you remember about 1987?