Friday, April 01, 2011

Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Drunk.


Anonymous said...


Living in western states for the majority of my life, very close to MT and the far northwest, places where drunk-driving as well as driving under influence of hallucinogens is a MAJOR problem, I would say this rep. from MT is a tad intellectually challenged, if he can only come up with hitchhiking and driving the Ford truck...what about horseback, or jackalope (where I was from), one's own two feet (guarantee that falling over in heap by the side of the road added to a hypothermia puts a damper on further orgies), caribou or dog teams? (And, this opinion is made from those that demand the rights of every jackhammer to carry a loaded rifle in the back of the cab.) I've even heard in CO that people use helium UFO-like balloons.

Heck, they already have laws that allow people to purchase alcohol in package liquor stores any day of the week in most of those western states. I thought that was why these folks put benchseats from their Dodge pickups or living room davenports by the side of the road.

Surely, this statement was taken out of context...I cannot imagine such an ignorant statement about DUI laws which benefit public safety. The only thing that could have made it creepier was if he was advocating bribes as an alternate source of income for state trooper retirement funds.

Romius T. said...

I would hitchhike, but then again no one would pick me up, as I am not a 14 year old girl wearing as short skirt.

But the rep. is right about one thing. Drinking and driving is fun. I did it all the time. Only got twice.