Monday, January 10, 2011

He Failed You Sarah

His ammunition spent, the assailant stopped to reload, the authorities said, inserting a 31-round clip into the chamber of his Glock semiautomatic pistol before raising the gun again.
And in what was perhaps the only fortunate event of the day, the spring on the second clip failed. Two other men in the crowd lunged at the gunman and tackled him to the ground.

All indications were that he was trying Sarah, so maybe you'll cut him some slack for that.

I, and most of you reading this who are a member of one of the health care professions, learned long ago that when you are in a position of responsibility you have to be careful what you say. I just had an alcoholic customer finish drinking himself to death after his doctor told him "an occasional drink wouldn't hurt anything" That doctor was a dipshit, and Sarah Palin is a dipshit as well.

Or else she really does want people to shoot into crowds and kill 9-year old girls. I never thought I would be hoping so hard for Sarah Palin to be so stupid.

Last summer,  Ms. Giffords’s Republican opponent, Jesse Kelly, had a campaign event in which voters were invited to “shoot a fully automatic M-16” with him to symbolize his assault on her campaign.

Sadly, Sarah isn't the only dipshit.

"Drugmonkey you don't understand" the conservatives are saying. Conservatives start off every rebuttal by implying we don't understand, for they are much smarter and much more wise to the ways of the world than we shall ever be. "Sara and Jessie were talking metaphorically." They will put a particular emphasis on the word "metaphorical," implying that maybe we should look it up later.  The only reason a conservative can comprehend that you are not one of them is that you are not smart enough.

I am smart enough to know that you don't tell an alcoholic an occasional drink is OK though, and also smart enough to know you don't put this in front of the general public and then act like you don't know what will happen:

Look at that and then ask yourself what would happen if it had been on the Nation of Islam's website in the runup to last fall's election. You'd be calling for Louis Farrakhan's nuts on a platter right now, that's what you'd be doing.

So I guess I'm a little confused as to why Sara Palin's tits shouldn't be served up on a platter.

Unless they really do want us dead. Then it would all make sense.


beryl said...

Again, you are spot on. These are going to be even more brutal times, I wish it wasn't true but I think people like Palin really do want violence and pain.

r0t said...

Ah, come on. I expected more. The only reason people find it outrageous is because it's Sarah Palin, and we've come to expect her to be a complete moron as she's always demonstrated. But let's demonstrate some sanity- just because you put a bunch of crosshairs on your opponents, and one ends up getting shot, doesn't mean you're to blame what-so-ever, regardless of how tasteless it may have been.

Getting P.C. all of a sudden to make her look even worse will only make the problem worse.

DrugMonkey, Master of Pharmacy said...


Didn't ask yourself the Farrakhan question, did you?

pillroller said...

come get papa bear ! when the facistas like palin and the tea baggers come for me I'll have your book in one hand and a 45 in the other

pharmd2012 said...

Love this post, simply because it is saying exactly what I have been wanting to say since this happened on Saturday. This shit went down at a Safeway next door to the Walgreens where I used to be an intern. I lived literally down the street from this place. I have since moved to Iowa; however, I still feel very connected to this place and event (and somewhat disconnected at the same time). Sometimes, getting P.C. is the only way to deal with such a tragic event. You cannot decide this was not politically driven. Sure, maybe Sarah Palin isn't directly at fault because Loughner pulled the trigger, not her. But who planted that stupid idea in the first place? And they say media has no influence...

Terry said...

Not to start a war on the issue, while I don't have a problem with what Palin had posted, it certainly wasn't smart to post. However, the DCCC has done a similar tactic in "targeting Republicans" (their words not mine) in the past.

Off topic but: DrugMonkey, I got your book for Christmas. Phenomenal to say the least. The funniest, enjoyable but most realistic book I've ever read. I'm currently passing it around to the other techs and pharmacists at work and they all love it too.

Rev. T. Monkey said...

I think it is priceless that the same folks who believe that Hurricane Katrina was "caused" by sins of New Orleans are the same ones lecturing us now on the complex nature of causality, and how it can't ever be demonstrated conclusively that there was any connection whatsoever between the murderous rhetoric of the right-wing and the murderous actions of their drones.

midwest woman said...

It also does not escape me the first responder to the congresswoman was her aide whose last name was...Hernandez.
Did they check his immigration status before or after he administered first aid?

The PharmD Student said...

I asked myself the Farrakhan question and you're absolutely correct on that account. They would have taken that and ran with it until we all were convinced a picture could kill someone. However, I still must believe that Sarah Palin caused this as much as Marilyn Manson caused Columbine.

There's no reason to become what our enemy is by blowing everything tiny little thing out of proportion.

The President wore sandles? Outrageous!

Anonymous said...

It's not about did she cause this. It's about how public attitudes like hers, and the media's love affair with her, CONTRIBUTE to the problem. And how someone who knows she's a public figure can behave so irresponsibly and in such an ugly manner, and why such behavior is rewarded with 100K speaker fees.

Notice I'm not mentioning her name here. There's a reason for that. Why do we continue to feed the attention-jones of those who crave it? Notice, too, that there is no reference to 'people like her' or 'humans like her.' There's a reason for that, too.

Athena said...

Love this post. Catching up on Drugmonkey... :-)