Sunday, February 02, 2014

Your Job Sucks. You Know It, I Know It, And Now Someone Wants To Know More About It. A Chance For You To Light A Candle Instead Of Just Cursing The Darkness.

Of course I've never understood why you can't do both. Strike a match to that candle while letting out a big "fuck you darkness." It really doesn't need to be an either/or I don't think.

Anyway, a chance to light up a candle recently turned up in my email box. I'll let the sender explain:

I am a researcher for a consumer advocacy group that's been an active monitor of the chain drug store industry.

Our organization has been hearing some disturbing stories about difficult working conditions for pharmacists and technicians. We really want to get to the bottom of it.

I'm hoping you might be willing to help me confidentially reach pharmacists who work for the big 3 chains.

My goal is to interview chain pharmacy staff to see if they've experienced some of the issues I've heard about. Obviously, I want to protect their anonymity so that their employment is not threatened. 
You're one of the most prolific pharmacy bloggers I know of. I know you have seen how tough the chains can be on their employees. 
Would you be willing to work with me?

Why yes.....yes I would. Kicking pharmacy chains in the balls just happens to give me a tingly feeling inside.


I hear ya. Which is why I did a little investigating before I agreed to help. I know who this group is, but they've asked me to keep this as much on the down-low as possible. You can trust me though, these guys have the Drugmonkey seal of approval.

So if you'd like to spread the awareness of what you're expected to go through during your workday, if you'd like to light up a little candle in the darkened room that is modern chain pharmacy, just drop me a line at and I'll put you in touch with the organization involved.

And nothing says you should stop cursing, while lighting this candle.

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pharmaciststeve said...

It is more wide spread than just the BIG THREE.. IMO.. should at least go out to the top 6. That will get close to 50% of the doors out there.