Monday, August 11, 2014

Into The Mailbag We Go.......

Got this one as a comment to this post about the fun times people have working for CVS. Thought it deserved to be out front on its own:

Being a regular pain medication customer of CVS, I find it hilarious that not one single pharmacist will take ownership for their own fuck-ups. After getting rear ended at a stand still by a car traveling 60+ mph last year I was left with 8 bulging discs and an immense amount of pain that I will have to endure the rest of my life. My insurance won't work with Walgreen's so I got stuck with having to deal with CVS. I have a prescription for Tramadol and I don't know how many times I was supposed to have a script ready only to be told by my pharmacist that it can't be filled! You want to talk about a living hell? Try going through a Tramadol withdrawal on top of serious back pain! I am going through it again as we speak. I went back to my prescribing doctor and even pleaded to be put on anything else and he told me that there was nothing else that would help. He adjusted my prescription to where the frequency was 1 to 2 tablets every 4 hours as needed on a 120 count bottle. I have had one refill and one renewal since the adjustment and just had the online app tell me that my script was ready for a refill. I only had a few pills left so this seemed right. I put in the order online and was told it would be ready at 11:00 am. I show up at 1 pm and get told that they can't fill my script because it is too soon! They try to tell me that it was supposed to be a one month supply and I look at the label on my bottle and see "1 dose every 4 hours as needed". I talked to my prescribing doctor and he verified that he did not change the script. So some fuck head pharmacist filled out the script wrong the last time I renewed and I'm left to suffer until I can get this mess sorted out. Having just started a new job, this is the worst time to be going through this and I hope there is a special place in hell for all the fuckers at CVS who have repeatedly fucked me over. I am lodging a formal complaint with the pharmacist board. I have had enough. Meanwhile you fucktards whine about corporate pressure and how horrible it is. Then fucking quit! I can't quit my pain! Stop bitching and take ownership of your actions. Jesus Christ what a bunch of whiny fucking babies you all are . . .

Actually it was the answer I wanted to make sure everyone saw. Here goes:

Dear Whiny Douchebag:

Imagine you just got a letter from your insurance company about your tramadol coverage, and in it it said for you to get any more refills, you had to suck my dick. I bet you'd be all like "No way!! You guys can go to hell!" Right? Or at least something similar.

At least I hope so, 'cause I'm not getting any kind of hot chick vibe from your writing style.

Now, let's say I came to you and said for $15 a month, I'll tap you with a magic wand that will make sure your pain is under control and you will never have to go through tramadol withdrawal ever again. Assuming you're not a liar, (Many, many people with these type of stories are.) I bet you'd say something like "Wow! tramadol withdrawal sucks so bad, and I have this new job now with some dough coming in, and I work better when I'm not in pain, That's a bargain!! Sign me up!"

Well guess what Mr. Whineyfuck, this is your lucky day. because I am about to give you a clue as to how you should have been able to solve your problems all along.

I brought up my first point to show you that there is no law that says you have to do what your insurance company says. You wouldn't (I hope) suck my dick to get your tramadol, and you don't have to go to a pharmacy run by incompetent clowns. I'm not about to defend CVS here. The obsession with short staffing that permeates the chain drug world ensures that many people go through your type of experience.

Notice I said chain drug world, which means I wouldn't count on your Walgreen's being any better.

So what's a hurtin' tramdol dependent dude supposed to do? That's my second point. If you came into my place, I'd have you fixed up in about 5 minutes. Ten tops. And I'd charge you around $15 dollars a month without your insurance. If I happened to be in your fucky company's network, it'd be even less.

I'd also tell you the maximum dose of tramadol is 8 tablets a day, so your doctor kinda fucked you if he really did make out a prescription for 1 to 2 tablets every 4 hours. Do the math.

Which brings us to our conclusion. I'm not sure why I have to tell you this, but you don't have to be your insurance company's little bitch boy. Take some ownership of your own life, get your head out of your ass, and find yourself a real pharmacy. It'll cost you less than a Jackson. And if avoiding a life of pain and withdrawal isn't worth that much to you, then you'll get no sympathy from me.

You're welcome asswipe.


Chivas Owle said...

I love the part where he ignored the directions on the label and waited until he was almost out of medicine before trying to address the issue. I also love how there is no chance the doctor's receptionist called in the script incorrectly.

Charlotte Morden said...

After a long, shitty day of getting screamed at in my drive thru, in window, and out window this is just what I needed. Ahhhh, there's the good stuff!

Anonymous said...

6 tablets max for chronic use. said...

I love it when crackheads give the long, elaborated, bullshit encrusted stories to justify their crackhead ways.

Its just like in real life!

commonsenseRph said...

I call the physician's office for max. per day dose because I am not about to pay fines from the insurance company's audit (trust me it will be their next agenda since Tramadol became a controlled substance) for incompetent PA and NP and doctors who does not know how to write the prescriptions even if patient has to wait!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thank you for the advise - I had some issues with the VA and their ONLY way of handling med's / Topamax for Migraine... Now that I know I can go local private pharmacy & not deal with the Neapolitan people at Walgreen's... I'm all about supporting local establishments.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Tramadol is one of those lucky prescriptions that's not even close to being expensive even without insurance. I don't have insurance, and I only pay $14 a month for it. In general, pain meds are pretty inexpensive. It's the anti-depressants and meds that treat my autoimmune illness that cost so much.

The problem is that people, even people who have legitimate reason to be upset who aren't just drug seeking, don't stop to think that there's a REASON the pharmacists handle things in these ways. They just think they're being assholes. They either don't think about the fact that if they just hand out scheduled drugs all willy nilly without worrying about dosages and refill dates that THEY'RE the ones who are going to get into trouble.

I understand where some of these people are coming from in their feelings. It happened to me once when I was first prescribed Tramadol. It was the first time I had ever seen the doctor who prescribed it to me, he didn't tell me that it wasn't meant to be a 30 day supply, and I don't know if he just wasn't thinking about it when he wrote it or if there was a mistake at the pharmacy, but there were 120 pills supplied with instructions that I could take up to 8 a day if needed. And it was at the beginning of my illness when I was really bad off, so there were a number of days where I did, so I ran out well before the 30 days. It was just a miscommunication on multiple ends, but in the moment when I was in pain and trying to deal with the pharmacist while holding the bottle in my hand trying to explain that I hadn't taken more than the directions said I could, it definitely made me feel like shit and completely at my wit's end that this person was treating my like I was some kind of criminal. I was really upset in the moment (but it wasn't mad, it was just so confused and upset and close to tears because I had never dealt with meds like this before and I just didn't understand). But after things were sorted out (a call to the doctor and then a doctor's call to the pharmacy later) I calmed down and realized that they HAVE to act like that. (Obviously, though, there are going to be some who take it way too far. I've actually seen a pharmacist at CVS flat out accuse this little old lady of "just wanting to get high" in front of a ton of customers) Because there are people who abuse it, and if they aren't vigilant about it, it won't be the people abusing it who get in trouble, it will be them.

DrugMonkey, Master of Pharmacy said...

1) You're on the wrong antidepressant. Many are cheap as dirt, and there is little reason to be on any that aren't. Drop me a line & I'll give you the scoop on yours. drugmonkeyrph at gee mail.

2) If the instructions said 8 a day on the label, then that was a 15 day's supply. Your pharmacist fucked that up and you had every right to be mad.

Angry Psychiatrist said...

I am clearly going to get behind at work if I continue this. I have never understood why people are such idiots and why they go to chain drug stores or why they wont get smart about their pharmacy benefits and occasionally pay cash. Penny wise and pound foolish. Can I curse here too?