Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Preliminary MTM Conclusion

So...working through some numbers this night, I see that my MTM revenues to date have netted me about as much revenue as....

Ten extra prescriptions.

Pushing the figures a little further, I remember that when I'm in the happy pill room by myself without technician, ten prescriptions in an hour is a pretty good pace.

And...I've probably spent more than an hour doing the MTM stuff.

Which means....the paradiem  we've been living with since Nirvana was a fresh new band, of desperately grabbing as many prescriptions as we can at any price (including now actually paying for the privilege of filling them in some cases...long story) is actually still ahead of the bright new future of pharmacy being engineered for us by the visionaries of the profession.

To recap, in case you missed it. I can probably make more money in an hour cranking out prescriptions than I can working my MTM cases.

No wonder the chains went ape shit over the flu shots with hardly a peep about making sure Grandma is taking her Lipitor.

I've gotta get that damn Medicare immunization application done.

OK, thanks for helping me work through that folks. Goodnight.

Holy crap I can't believe I'm a businessman now.


Practical Pharmacist said...

I have come to the same conclusion about MTM - not worth the time and energy put into it.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe you, Drug. All my interns of the past couple of years have been telling me that MTM's are going to save pharmacy. Just like their predecessors told me DUR's were going to save pharmacy, just like their predecessors told me counseling was going to save pharmacy, just like their predecessors……oh, never mind.

commonsenseRph said...

MTM is the Pharmacist's future however only if Goddam employers hire more techs and pharmacists to relieve filling duties which they won't because if they do they won't make any the profits! So chains are pushing the MTM and Tips while filling the prescriptions and giving immunizations so they do not incur any more payroll expense!
Just kills the pharmacist now before we get stress caused strokes!

Angry Psychiatrist said...

I destroyed my first business thinking i could play the game as a solo doc that requires huge infrastructure and a willingness to take all comers at all price points. Made about the same as i would have made working half as hard and ignoring all insurance and computer generated bullcrap like mtm. I will know better if i try it again someday but being a wage slave where I am aint too bad. I have to pass out less xanax than you might expect.