Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Who Are The New York Nationals?

We all know literally who they are of course, the group of men who head out to the basketball court night after night to lose at the hands of the Harlem Globetrotters. What I'm really asking here is what makes these people tick? What is their motivation? Now I've never been to a Globetrotter game, but I'm assuming these Nationals have a certain amount of athletic talent. Enough that they weren't born with it, but rather had to earn it in year after year of honing basketball skills in the 'hood or the local YMCA, right through high school and college. The type of talent only a person driven to relentless pursuit of perfection can ever hope to obtain. And now they're professional losers. A laughing stock destined to be dribbled around, dunked over and humiliated in order to earn money to eat. I wonder if they ever secretly want to break free of their bondage and just put an ass-whooping on the Globetrotters that will have them crying for their momma. It can't be good to supress an urge like that. I worry about their mental health.


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